delta 9 thc

Imparts a mild and uplifting euphoria, perfect for enhancing social interactions or unwinding after a long day.

blueberry d9 can
blueberry d9 thc
pineapple d9 seltzer
pineapple d9 thc
mango d9 can
mango d9 thc
grapefruit d9 can
grapefruit d9 thc
Blood Orange D9 THC
blood orange d9 thc


Enjoy a moment of clarity and relaxation that brings balance to your day.

blackberry cbd
grapefruit cbd
lime cbd seltzer
lime cbd

blackout edition. energize your soul.

Brought to you by High Rise Beverage Co. The Blackout Edition is crafted to support your everyday hustle, we mix organic cane sugar, real fruit, essential vitamins, and adaptogens into a sparkling beverage that’s all about elevating your journey to a brighter, balanced lifestyle.

adaptogen high rise blackout lime
sparkling lime, lift
adaptogen orange lift
sparkling orange, lift
blackout pineapple adaptogens
sparkling pineapple, balance
raspberry blackout adaptogens
sparkling raspberry, balance

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pool tube

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mocktail recipes

Transport your taste buds to surf-soaked, sunshiny days with our easy-breezy, tantalizing mocktail recipes

With our hemp-infused, zero-proof sips at your fingertips, you can whip up a variety of refreshing flavors anytime.

This isn't just about drinking — it's about sipping on sunshine and making lasting memories.

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