A refreshing experience that will energize your soul

Real Fruit InfusedCleanNon-Alcoholic

Treat your body, mind, and soul the way nature intended!

Quality you can trust

“At High Rise Beverage Company, our mission is to bring great-tasting seltzers to our friends and neighbors across the country who care about what they put into their bodies. From the natural ingredients to the crisp and refreshing taste, our seltzers lift your mind, body, and soul. ” 

Energize Your Day with Our D8 Seltzers

Energize Your Day with Our D8 Seltzers Sip to your heart’s content and explore new horizons with our fabulous D8 seltzers, available in bright and juicy clementine and raspberry!

Soothe Your Soul with our CBD Seltzers

Kick back with classic flavors from your favorite cocktails like lime and blackberry to lift your spirit and let the stresses of the day slip away.

High Rise is Ready to Help You Celebrate

Great flavors, all-natural ingredients, and a crisp finish make for the perfect reward that’s good for both the body and the soul.

A Proven Formula for Satisfaction

Our carefully-selected ingredients are third-party tested for trusted quality assurance and a more satisfying experience.

What Makes our Seltzers Different

With a natural blend of fresh fruit, premium-quality hemp, and natural North Carolina spring water, High Rise makes it easy to kick back with friends and enjoy the moment – without a hangover the next day!

High Rise Beverage Wholesale

Interested in selling our CBD and D8 products at your store? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our premium-quality seltzer line!

From our Friends and Family to Yours

Just the way nature intended.

Real Fruit Infused

Our seltzers are made with real lime, blackberry, clementine, and raspberry

Low Sugar

Watching your sugar intake? Our seltzers make for the perfect solution

All Natural

Our ingredients are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides


Experience the highs of life the way nature intended without a hangover the next day

3rd Party Tested

Our ingredients are fully tested by third-party labs for purity and potency


Your new summer sipper has just arrived! Good vibes with no regrets.

No grains. No gluten. No beer belly bloat!

“Tipsy Spritzers is much cleaner than the conventional and trendy brands on the market today. It is the only wine spritzer I have seen that is organic and does not use natural flavors.”



High Rise

a flavored malt or grain beverage

“natural” flavors from synthesized plants or animals

artificial sweeteners are used to lower calories in the drinks

3-5% alcohol by volume

shortcuts the flavor by using “natural” flavors instead of real fruit juice

a grain-free wine-based spritzer

“organic” vegan flavors directly from the real fruit themselves

monkfruit + organic raw sugars are naturally low calorie

6% alcohol by volume

organic fruit juice ensures a fresh and pure taste with zero shortcuts for a cleaner taste


“Great Taste!”

“Perfect for Relaxing”

“A Cocktail in a Can”

“Light and Crisp”

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